The School of Life

Big Ideas for Curious Minds

  • A perfect introduction to Philosophy for the curious young minds
  • Develop your children's philosophical instincts 
  • Suggested for children aged 9+
  • Hardback book
  • Illustrations by Anna Doherty


'Big Ideas for Curious Minds' by The School of Life is one of the best books for children.

We always say that we learn from our children everyday. And in many ways, children are born philosophers! They have this deep curiosity and ask us some of the largest questions: happiness, mortality, time...

'Big Ideas for Curious Minds' will develop this instinct by introducing some of the most vibrant ideas from big thinkers such as Buddha, Socrates, Aristotle, Mary Wollestonecraft and many others.

This book is also filled with exercises and beautiful illustrations by Anna Doherty to bring the ideas of these great thinkers to life and to show us how their views continue to matter nowadays. 

    Clothbound hardback book | 156pp | 246 x 180mm