The School of Life


  • A book exploring Arguments by The School of Life
  • Exploring why we may argue, how to resolve issues and how to become better communicators
  • Focusing on twenty common arguments, from sex to money to in-laws
  • Learn how to communicate your feelings and feel more understood with this handy guide


    Discover the Arguments book by The School of Life, a handy guide into exploring the layers of conflict. Whether it be the source of the argument, seeking the resolution or trying to navigate a clearer way of communicating without the fear of confrontation - this book is the aid you need.

    Featuring 20 types of arguments, from love and money to in-laws and chores. Discover how to navigate a less judgemental and harmonious way of disagreeing, resulting in a clear and calm conclusion. Often we find what we are trying to say in misconstrued within emotion, learn how to unpack this notion and become a number one communicator and have your voice heard.


     Extracts from the book:

    On The Defensive Argument

     “Plato once outlined an idea of what he called the ‘just lie’. If a crazed person comes to us and asks, ‘Where’s the axe?’ we are entitled to lie and say we don’t know, because we understand that were we to tell them the truth, they would probably use the tool to do something horrendous to us. That is, we can reasonably tell a lie when our life is in danger. In a couple, our partner may not literally be searching for an axe when they ask us an inquisitorial question but psychologically this is precisely how we might experience it, which makes it understandable if we say we simply don’t know what they are talking about.” 


    On The Escalation Argument

     “Areas of tension have not been correctly discussed, cleansed and ‘flushed out’, and so disappointments and ill feelings have been left to develop an energy, which has been waiting for too long to emerge. The person making the accelerated vindictive remark looks like they are being disproportionate and seems at fault for suddenly turning up the heat, but a dangerous wall of steam has been building up for which both parties are arguably responsible.”


    Content: Hardback book | 153 pages  | 115 x 100 mm