The School of Life

Am I Normal? Card Game

  • 52 notecards exploring the notion of normal
  • Explore your oddities and quirks
  • Recognise how fluid the term “normal” is
  • Great to play solo or with a group of friends


Society has a seemingly unproductive notion of what is “normal”. In an ever expanding and diverse world, individuality is celebrated and encouraged but with an unwavering undercurrent of wanting to be accepted. These cards were designed with this ideal in mind, that the average perception of normal is fluid and we all have our own oddities and quirks. Work through the questions and keep an open mind to societies perceptions, how one size does not fit all and staying true to you.


  • I often have no reaction at all to supposedly ‘great’ works of art
  • I’m an enormous bullshitter
  • I have some very unhygienic, noxious habits


Contents: 52 game cards | 89 x 126 mm | Instruction card included