The School of Life

The Loser Game

  • The Loser Game gently suggests that losing isn’t some freakish anomaly, it’s an inevitable part of being human.
  • 106 cards that covers 5 categories: Self; Relationships; Work; Body&Mind and Morality.
  • Instruction card included


Learn How To Fail Well 

The School of Life presents The Loser Game. This is a game with a difference: those who win it are great at losing; they know all about frustration and difficulty and how, optimally, to respond to it. This game invites us to answer questions about the challenges we’ve faced (in love, work, etc.) – and rewards players for speaking with particular frankness and good humour about their lives.



  • How have you blamed someone for an issue that was, if you’re truly honest, largely your fault?
  • A novel is written about your love life: what should it be called?
  • What important moves do you keep delaying in relation to your career?
  • Name a surprising, basic and embarrassing gap in your knowledge.
  • What three rude words would you apply to your character?


106 Cards | 70mm x 70mm x 70mm | Minimum 3 Players | Contains Adult Content