Rattlesnake Plant - Home Delivery

  • Rattlesnake Plant - Indoor tropical plant
  • Botanical name : Calathea Lancifolia 'Insigne'
  • Air Purifying
  • Pet Safe


The Calathea Lancifolia 'Insigne', most commonly known as the Rattlesnake Plant, is a beautiful addition to your house plant collection with it's hypnotic leaves. An evergreen, indoor tropical plant, this Calathea is recognisable by it's unique shapes leaves that are marked with a dark green pattern.

The Rattlesnake plant will fold it's leaves up to the sky at night and lower them back down by morning.

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Care Tips for a Rattlesnake Plant:


  • Water often with tepid water depending on the light levels provided.
  • Water less frequently during Winter months, reducing to when the top level of soil is dry to touch.
  • Keep the soil moist (but not soggy) at all times. 
  • Never leave your Rattlesnake Plant sitting in water as this will cause root rot.
  • Mist leaves once a week to avoid brown or burnt tips.


  • The Rattlesnake Plant will thrive in indirect bright light but can be tolerant to more shadier areas. The more diffused light however will see heartier foliage!


  • Moderate growing.


  • The Rattlesnake Plant is pet safe.



  • Pot diameter : 11cm
  • Pot height : 10 cm
  • Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 20 cm

  • Important: This plant will be delivered in the nursery pot, to purchase a planter please visit our plant pot collection here.


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