Polyscias Fabian XL - 150 cm tall - For collection

  • Easy care
  • Air purifying
  • Tree-like appearance

The Polyscias Fabian, originally from Polynesia, is a versatile indoor tree that will definitely bring the outside in!

It grows upright in a compact manner which makes it ideal for any space. 

It has beautiful dark green glossy leaves and a thick, woody trunk that will make your home look like a mini jungle!

Care tips for a Polyscias Fabian Plant:


  • Water when the soil is dry to the touch. 
  • Reduce the watering during autumn and winter.
  • Mister its leaves every few days, especially in summer, to increase the humidity.
  • Never leave your Polyscias Fabian Plant sitting in water.


  • Happy in almost every light condition. However, please avoid direct sunlight.


  • Slow growing.


  • The Polyscias Fabian might be toxic if digested. Please keep away from children and pets.


  • It enjoys dust free leaves. A great opportunity to connect with your plant and admire its beauty!


  • Pot diameter : 32 cm approx
  • Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 150 cm

    Important: This plant is available for collection. To purchase it and collect it at the store, please send as an e-mail with the name of the plant and quantity to

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