TouchMe - Interactive Audio Device MIDI Controller

  • Materialise touch into sound with the revolutionary TouchMe by Playtronica
  • Translate material objects and the human body into interactive audio
  • Plants, fruit and even water can be used to conduct your own orchestra
  • Includes revolutionary TouchMe MIDI Controller, 2 x alligator clips and USB cable


How does it work?

The Playtronica TouchMe MIDI Controller works by connecting the device to either your computer, tablet or smartphone and then, once you have found your chosen sound preferences, uses human touch to make music! Previous musical knowledge is not required, just the desire to play and create. This interactive audio can be used alone or with friends and the musical notes change depending on touch and intensity, the more pressure applied results in a higher pitch.

The device is known as a MIDI controller, this is similar to WI-FI or USB but is specifically engineered for music production, and works by generating data and sending these instructions to software or hardware (your computer for example) and outputting sound. MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Play music with your touch by connecting your TouchMe MIDI Controller to fellow humans, bodies of water or to any conductive objects / materials with the alligator clips that are included. This clever technology materialises touch into sound and helps to make the world musical!


What is included:

  • TouchMe MIDI controller
  • USB cable plus 2x alligator clips to connect to conductive objects and materials
  • Tutorials available via Playtronica YouTube: View below or Click Here to Watch