Small wavy Plant straws | Aluminium

  • Plant climber frame
  • Self watering wick
  • Ideal for moisture loving indoor plants and/or plants that need extra support
  • Handmade in Sweden
  • Aluminium + recycled cotton cord
  • 25 cm high 
  • Different colours


The small wavy Plant Straw, designed and handmade by Swedish indie brand Plantstraws, is an ideal plant climber that can be also used as a self watering device for your moisture loving houseplants.

Whether your are going on holiday or you own a plant that thrives in moist soil, the Plant Straw will meet all your plant watering needs as well as creating a striking plant display at home.

Make the most of your climbing plants by giving them the right support.

Mix and match different sizes and colours to create a statement piece. Shop the collection here.


If used as a watering device:

1. For a successful water flow from the vessel/vase to the plant, water your plant first. 

2. Thread the cord inside the plant straw.

3. Make sure that all the cord is dump. Do this by immersing it in water until wet. Pull the extremes of the cord down to make sure that the cord inside the straw gets wet too. Careful not to pull the cord out.

4. Make a hole into the soil and introduce one side of the the cord down as well as at least 3 cm/ 1 in of the metal straw to minimise evaporation.

5. Place the other side of the straw into a vessel/vase with fresh water.

6. Refill the vessel/vase regularly.

If used as a plant climber support:

1. Place both ends inside the soil.

2. Help yourself with extra thread to attach some stems of your plants to it.


Over time when the cord wears out, wash, cut down or replace it. 


Aluminium + Recycled cotton cord


25 cm H