Chinese Money Plant

  • Chinese Money Plant - Succulent originally from Southern China
  • Botanical name : Pilea peperomioides
  • Air purifying
  • Pet friendly
  • Easy to propagate

The Pilea peperomoioides, most commonly known as Chinese Money plant, is a fast growing and easy to care indoor plant. It is characterised by its beautiful round flat green leaves that come out of a middle stalk. 

It is also known as the 'pass it on' plant due to how easy they are to propagate. What a better gift to friends and family than a cutting from this unique plant! Right?

This Chinese Money plant can leave happily ever after in this eye catching Black Oxidised Planter with small legs

Care Tips for a Chinese Money Plant:


  • Water weekly, especially in Spring and Summer, when the soil is dry to the touch. (If the leaves begin to droop, it is time for a drink!)
  • Never leave your Chinese Money Plant sitting in water. 
  • Mist the leaves regularly.
  • Use a fertiliser to feed your Chinese Money Plant during growing season (Spring-Summer).


  • The Chinese Money Plant will thrive in indirect bright sunlight.


  • Moderate to Fast.


  • Pet friendly.


  • Pot diameter : 13 cm
  • Pot height : 11 cm
  • Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 20 cm

    Important: This plant is available for collection (recommended due to the fragility of its stems) or delivery in the UK only. We will try as much as possible to pack it safely, however, some stems may snap during delivery. 

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