Chinese Money Plant - Home Delivery

  • Chinese Money Plant - Succulent originally from Southern China
  • Botanical name : Pilea peperomioides
  • Air purifying
  • Pet friendly
  • Easy to propagate

The Pilea peperomoioides, most commonly known as Chinese Money plant, is a fast growing and easy to care indoor plant. It is characterised by its beautiful round flat green leaves that come out of a middle stalk. 

It is also known as the 'pass it on' plant due to how easy they are to propagate. What a better gift to friends and family than a cutting from this unique plant! Right?

This Chinese Money plant can leave happily ever after in this eye catching Black Oxidised Planter with small legs

Care Tips for a Chinese Money Plant:


  • Water weekly, especially in Spring and Summer, when the soil is dry to the touch. (If the leaves begin to droop, it is time for a drink!)
  • Never leave your Chinese Money Plant sitting in water. 
  • Mist the leaves regularly.
  • Use a fertiliser to feed your Chinese Money Plant during growing season (Spring-Summer).


  • The Chinese Money Plant will thrive in indirect bright sunlight.


  • Moderate to Fast.


  • Pet friendly.


  • Pot diameter : 13 cm
  • Pot height : 11 cm
  • Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 20 cm

    Important: This plant will be delivered in the nursery pot, to purchase a planter please visit our plant pot collection here.

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