Bonne Maison

Night Flowers - Egyptian Cotton Unisex Socks

  • Egyptian Cotton Socks by French brand Bonne Maison
  • Each pair of socks details a part of a story from a collection
  • This design is part of the 'Arabesque' Collection
  • Mid-calf length, machine washable and unisex socks 


The Night Flowers Socks are part of French brand Bonne Maison's Arabesque collection. Made using the finest materials, these socks are composed of Egyptian cotton which is considered one of the best cottons for quality and longevity. Each Bonne Maison collection tells a story, with each pair of socks painting different parts of the tale by detailing settings, themes and characters.

Arabesque is a collection that was inspired by 'faded poppy or tuberose pods and husks'. Bonne Maison paints a story of endless arches of an Oriental palace, fragrant flowers being delicately picked by graceful hands (as depicted in this particular pair) and sleeping beauties with long, flowing hair. All together, this dreamy theme transports us to a whimsical place where we can daydream about far away places.

Wearing Bonne Maison socks means every step tells a story, with each pair of socks being expertly design and made using long lasting materials. The Night Flowers socks are mid-calf length and are machine washable at 30/40°C.


90% cotton, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.

- Machine washable at 30/40°C.



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