Monstera Obliqua

  • Indoor tropical plant
  • Botanical name: Monstera Obliqua
  • Easy care
  • Moderate to fast growing

The Monstera Obliqua is a big favourite within our Cuemars crew!

It is an easy to care plant characterised by its magnificent rare leaves shaped with irregular holes that will gradually cascade over the edges of a shelf, ledge or table!

Definitely a beautiful and unique new addition to your green family. 

Care tips for a Monstera Obliqua:


  • Water weekly especially in Summer when the soil gets drier quicker. 
  • It enjoys a moist soil (but not soggy).
  • Mist its leaves regularly if it lives in a warm and dry room.
  • Never leave your Monstera Obliqua sitting in water as this will cause root rot.


  • The Monstera Obliqua will thrive in indirect bright sunlight. 


  • Moderate growing.


  • The leaves are poisonous if eaten. Please keep away from children and pets.


  • It enjoys dust free leaves. A great opportunity to connect with your plant and admire its beauty!


  • Pot diameter : 12cm
  • Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 25-30 cm

    Important: This plant is available for collection or UK delivery.

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