Enamel Silver Eye Necklace

  • Silver Eye Necklace featuring a pendant enamelled in copper
  • Created with the vision of being above the clouds, gazing down onto the Earth
  • Hand made by London based independent maker Momoko Tamura
  • Each design is completely unique, handmade and fired on a kiln
  • Part of the Eye in the Sky collection

The Enamel Eye Necklace is part of designer Momocreatura's The Eye in the Sky collection, featuring an eye pendant enamelled in copper. Momoko Tamura creates handmade, timeless and unique pieces of jewellery from her London based studio. These pieces hold the narrative of gazing down onto the Earth and connecting being close to nature with a sense of the spiritual. The wearer can seize the power of the all seeing eye and carry it whether they go. Please Note: This item is truly unique as every pendant is handmade and fired in a kiln, making every shape and colour slightly different, meaning the piece will be completely personal to you.



Material: Sterling Silver | Enamelled Copper

Size: Enamel Eye: H: 0.6cm x W: 1.6cm x D: 0.2cm | Chain: 40cm + 5cm


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