Keep It Peachy

Helvetica - Five Pence Gold Coin Necklace

  • 5 Pence Coin Necklace
  • Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • Gold pendant
  • Nickel Free


The Helvetica coin necklace, designed by vibrant jewellery brand Keep it Peachy, is an excellent piece of jewellery for every occasion. 

Keep it Peachy is a London based jewellery brand that brings you a unique way to express yourself through dynamic and minimalist long lasting designs.

Reinvent yourself, add positivity and good vibes to your look with this Gold Plated Sterling Silver coin necklace. 

Keep it Peachy is a brand that never compromises on quality so you never have to settle for less again!


18 ct. Gold Plated Sterling Silver


The Helvetica Chain measures: 380mm x 5mm (Slightly adjustable).

The Helvetica Pendant measures: 17mm x 17mm 


Clean your Gold Plated jewellery with a very soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt. 

Avoid exposing your plated jewellery to water to make sure that the plating does not wear off. 

Elevate your look layering different necklaces!