Japanese Samurai - Kato Kiyomasa

Kato Kiyomasa

The alleged poisoning of the great warrior Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611) was the subject of a kabuki play that premiered in 1807, but due to government censorship at the time, the main character's name was changed Sato Masakiyo.

In this print, Ichikawa Danjuro IX (1839-1903) is Masakiyo, a role that resonated with the samurai ethos of devotion and duty.

The white banner that Kato Kiyomasa always carried into battle, with the Buddhist inscription "Namu myoho renge kyo" (Praise to the Lotus Flower of the Everlasting Secret Teachings) a talisman supposedly written by the famous Japanese spiritual leader Nichiren.


Size: A3 (297 mm x 420mm / 11,7 x 16,5 inch.)
Material : printed on a 180 g cotton paper - soft white.

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