Handmade in Japan - The Pursuit of Perfection in Traditional Crafts | Design and Fashion

  •  Japanese Artisans of the 21st Century keeping traditions alive
  • An insight into Japan's cultural heritage and the pursuit of excellence 
  • Handmade processes, sustainable practises and the eye for detail
  • Coffee Table book by Gestalten in collaboration with Irwin Wong



Dive into the exceptional world that is Handmade in Japan by Gestalten in collaboration with Irwin Wong. This Fashion and Design coffee table book gives an intimate insight into Japanese Artisans of the 21st century and the cultural traditions they are keeping alive and dedicate their lives to. From hand painted kimonos to wooden tray carvings, this coffee table book features stunning visuals and text that is sure to inspire and mesmerise you.



Editors: Gestalten & Irwin Wong
Release date: March 2020
Format: 2.5 x 29 cm
Features: Full Colour, Hardcover, Stitch Bound, 320 pages