Ficus Ginseng - Bonsai Tree

  • Ficus Ginseng - Indoor plant
  • Botanical Name: Ficus Microcarpa
  • Easy care
  • Air purifying

The Ficus Ginseng, is a striking indoor plant due to its eye catching root trunk and beautiful foliage,

It is generally an easy care indoor plant, however, it does require a minimal level of care for it to live for years to come!

Care Tips for a Ficus Ginseng Plant:


  • Water when the top of the soil is dry.
  • In spring and summer, you might need to water it more often, every 2-3 weeks.
  • Cut back the watering during autumn and winter.
  • Never leave your Ficus sitting on water as this might cause root rot.
  • They love high humidity. Mist often, especially during winter.


  • Bright indirect light.


  • Pruning will trigger new branches to sprout and keep its bonsai shape.


  • Pot diameter : 9 cm
  • Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 20 cm

ImportantThe Ficus Ginseng will be delivered in its nursery pot. To purchase a planter, please check our collection here.

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