Euphorbia Trigona - For collection

  • African Milk Tree - Succulent originally from West Africa
  • Botanical name: Euphorbia Trigona
  • Easy care
  • Drought tolerant

    The Euphorbia Trigona, also known as African Milk Tree due the milky sap in its stem, is striking cactus originally from West Africa.

    As the majority of succulents and cacti, the Euphorbia Trigona is very easy to care for so if you are a newbie plant parent, this is a great plant to start with.

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    Care tips for a Euphorbia Trigona:


    • Water your Euphorbia Trigona scarcely but thoroughly during growing season (Spring/ Summer) and rarely during dormant season (Autumn/ Winter). Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings. 
    • The Euphorbia Trigona can tolerate drought, however, it cannot tolerate soggy soil. Please make sure that the soil drains well.
    • Never leave your Euphorbia Trigona sitting on water to avoid root rot.


    • Full to partial sunlight. An indirect sunlight but bright spot would be ideal! 


    • Slow growing.


    • Considered toxic to both humans and pets due to its poisonous and irritant sap. Please keep away from pets and children.


  • Pot diameter : 12 cm
  • Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 35 cm

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