Epiphyllum Red Tip Cactus Two Sizes - For Collection

  • Indoor plant
  • Botanical name : Epiphyllum 
  • Pet friendly
  • Easy Care

This striking cactus belongs to the Epiphyllum family. This big cactus produces very long flat foliage that can produce beautiful white flowers in Summer. It makes a beautiful hanging plant.

Care tips for Epiphyllum Cactus:


  • Water thoroughly and allow the soils to dry completely before re-watering.
  • During growing season (Spring/Summer), and depending on your home conditions, you can water your Epiphyllum twice a week if the soil allows it. Cut back during Autumn and Winter.
  • Never leave your Epiphyllum Cactus sitting in water as this will cause root rot.


  • A bright spot will do, especially with direct sunlight!


  • Moderate growth.
  • I am pet friendly!



  • Pot diameter: 18 cm
  • Plant height (including plastic nursery pot): 80-100 cm



This plant is available for collection. To purchase it and collect it at the store, please send as an e-mail with the name of the plant and quantity to

This cactus is sold in its nursery pot. If you would like to purchase a planter, please browse our collection here.


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