Epiphyllum Red Tip Cactus - Two Sizes

  • Indoor plant
  • Botanical name : Epiphyllum 
  • Pet friendly
  • Easy Care

This striking cactus belongs to the Epiphyllum family. This big cactus produces very long flat foliage that can produce beautiful white flowers in Summer. It makes a beautiful hanging plant.

Care tips for Epiphyllum Cactus:


  • Water thoroughly and allow the soils to dry completely before re-watering.
  • During growing season (Spring/Summer), and depending on your home conditions, you can water your Epiphyllum twice a week if the soil allows it. Cut back during Autumn and Winter.
  • Never leave your Epiphyllum Cactus sitting in water as this will cause root rot.


  • A bright spot will do, especially with direct sunlight!


  • Moderate growth.
  • I am pet friendly!



  • Pot diameter: 18 cm
  • Plant height (including plastic nursery pot): 80-100 cm



This medium cactus is available for home delivery or collection. The large cactus is only available for collection at the shop only due to its size.

This cactus is sold in its nursery pot. If you would like to purchase a planter, please browse our collection here.


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