Dusk ceramic plant pot - 4 sizes

  • Indoor plant pot
  • Glazed effect 
  • Natural materials


Decorate your home with this indoor minimalist ceramic plant pot.

The texture and glaze effect makes this ceramic plant pot a modern and cosy new addition to your home. Featuring a deep blue lining and available in various sizes.

Bear in mind that the manufacturing process allows the appearance to vary slightly, making each pot unique.


This plant pot measures:

XS: Height: 7 cm | Width: 8 cm | Fits nursery pot: 7 cm

S: Height: 10.5 cm | Width: 11.5 cm | Fits nursery pot: 10.5 cm

M: Height: 12.5 cm | Width: 13.5 cm | Fits nursery pot: 12.5 cm

L: Height: 14.5 cm | Width: 15.5 cm | Fits nursery pot: 14.5 cm