Dried Lagurus Ovatus Yellow Bunch

  • Dried Lagurus Ovatus Yellow Bunch
  • This bunch is popular for its vibrant and fluffy appearance
  • Enjoy on its own or pair with other bunches to display at home
  • A sustainable alternative to live blooms, lasting year round
  • Plastic free packaging and delivered straight to your door



Introducing the Dried Lagurus Ovatus Yellow Bunch. These dried flowers are a favourite amongst collectors due their vibrant and fluffy appearance. Originally from the Mediterranean, the Lagurus also is known by the names Hares Tail or Bunnies' Tails due to their fur like heads.

Each bunch will be carefully wrapped in FSC certified paper and delivered to you in plastic free packaging. Enjoy alone or as part of a larger bouquet which you can build with our wider collection of dried flowers. Long-lasting and zero maintenance, enjoy these colourful flowers year round.



Stems measure approx. 30cm - 40cm but can vary in sizes.


Approx. 20 gr per bunch. Please refer to the pictures for a better idea.