Donkey Tail

  • Donkey Tail - Indoor hanging plant
  • Botanical name: Sedum Morganianum
  • Easy Care
  • Striking Hanging Plant

The Sedum Morganianum succulent, most commonly known as Donke Tail or Burro's Tail, is an eye catching low maintenance plant perfect for a newbie plant owner.

It produces trailing stems of blue/green tear drop leaves, and pink flowers in summer, that will make the Donkey Tail one of your favourite plants! 

Care tips for a Donkey Tail succulent:


  • During growing season (spring/summer) water once a week or every other week as long as the plant has great drainage.
  • During dormant season (autumn/winter) water around once a month. 
  • Never leave your Donkey Tail sitting in water as this will cause root rot.


  • Any bright indirect light will be ideal, even direct sunlight.


  • Slow growing.


  • Non-toxic to pets.


  • Pot diameter: 12 cm
  • Plant height (including plastic nursery pot): 15-20 cm


The Donkey Tail succulent will be delivered in its nursery pot. Its leaves are quite delicate, therefore, some may fall during delivery. If you prefer, you can always collect your Donkey Tail at our Brick Lane store. 


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