Bonne Maison

Chestnut Face - Egyptian Cotton Unisex Socks

  • Egyptian Cotton Socks by French brand Bonne Maison
  • Each pair of socks details a part of a story from a collection
  • This design is part of the 'Conte Anglais' Collection
  • Mid-calf length, machine washable and unisex socks 


The Chestnut Face Socks are part of French brand Bonne Maison's Conte Anglais collection. These socks are made using the finest Egyptian Cotton which is considered one of the best cottons in the world quality wise. Each Bonne Maison collection contains a story, with each pair of socks piecing together different parts of a tale and introducing us to new characters, settings and themes.

Conte Anglais is a collection that takes a 1970's colour palette and creates a mix of fairy tale like settings and stories interlaced with each pair of socks. Within this collection you can find rabbits hiding amongst the flowers, mysterious faces with a story unknown, the stance of a nude woman and dream like landscapes to accompany you with each step.

Conte Anglais is showcases blends of moss greens, peachy pinks and earthy tones to create a really whimsical theme that is sure to add a touch of magic to any outfit. Wearing Bonne Maison socks means every step tells a story, with each pair of socks being expertly design and made using long lasting materials. These Chestnut Face socks are mid-calf length and are machine washable at 30/40°C.


90% cotton, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.

- Machine washable at 30/40°C.



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