Calathea Compact Star - Home Delivery

  • Botanical name: Calathea Setosa
  • Popular Indoor Tropical Plant
  • Air Purifying
  • Non Toxic


The Calathea 'Compact Star' is a house plant favourite with it's beautiful red and green leaves and easy care maintenance. This plant loves humidity so make sure to mist weekly to avoid brown tips or group with other plants to make your very own micro climate.

Commonly known as a Prayer Plant, you will see the leaves fold and face upwards in the evenings, as if hands in prayer, which will then unfold in the morning to show off it's striking leaves.

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Care Tips for a Calathea Setosa:


  • Keep the soil moist, watering weekly or whenever the top layer of soil dries out. 
  • This plant loves humidity so you can mist its leaves regularly to avoid the leaves from drying out.
  • Avoid soggy soil and remove any excess water drainage so your Calathea isn't left sitting in water.


  • The Calathea Setosa likes bright, indirect light to moderate shade. Avoid direct sunlight otherwise you will scorch it's leaves.


  • Moderate growing.


  • The Calathea Setosa is non toxic to pets.


  • A handy tip to remember is if the leaves start to brown, it would like more moisture so mist leaves more regularly. If the leaves start to yellow, it means you have over watered it so let it dry out slightly before the next drink.  




  • Pot diameter : 16 cm
  • Pot height : 15 cm
  • Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 90 cm

  • Important: This plant is available for collection. To purchase it and collect it at the store, please send as an e-mail with the name of the plant and quantity to


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