Another Studio

Houseplant bookmarks

  • Set of four botanical themed bookmarks etched in stainless steel
  • Featuring houseplants; Monstera, Pilea, Calathea and a Sansevieria
  • An ideal gift for someone who loves both reading and plants
  • Mark your page in style with these intricate and handmade designs



Swap that sticky note that’s holding your page number with a sleek and stylish bookmark, handmade by Another Studio. Etched with stainless steel, this product was made to spark joy in the ordinary moments of the day, whether it be keeping files together or losing yourself in your favourite novel. The set includes four markers of a botanical theme, featuring a Monstera, Pilea, Calathea and a Sansevieria. 



Materials: Stainless Steel x Paper

Packaging Dimensions: 15 cm x 11 cm