Aloe Vera - For Collection

  • Aloe Vera - Tropical House Plant
  • Botanical name : Aloe barbadensis
  • Easy care and topical benefits
  • Can be toxic to pets so place out of reach

A house plant staple, the Aloe Vera is a low maintenance addition to your jungle under the right care and conditions. The gel from it's leaves can be used to ease scratches and burns if applied topical. A house plant that looks after you in return!

Please note, only apply the gel of the Aloe Vera topically as ingesting may cause to unfavourable side effects.

Care Tips for your Aloe Vera:

  • Water thoroughly but infrequently to avoid over saturating the roots.
  • Check if the soil is dry 1 - 2 inches deep and water every 2 weeks or so, less in the Winter months.
  • Top tips: Give a good drink every couple of weeks and let it dry out before it's next watering. Do not let it sit in soggy soil.


  • Happiest in bight, indirect sunlight but avoiding direct sun light.
  • Near a window will be perfect, if it doesn't receive enough light - the leaves will grow thin and leggy.


  • Slow to moderate growing depending on location / season.


The Aloe Vera is toxic to pets and humans if ingested.


Pot diameter : 10 cm
Pot height : 8 cm
Plant Height (including the plastic nursery pot) : 34 cm

Important: This plant is available for collection. To purchase it and collect it at the store, please send as an e-mail with the name of the plant and quantity to

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