Cable Black


Materials: Copper, PVC and polyester
Insulation: Double PVC
Safe temperature range: -30°+70°
Number of cores: 3
Compatible with: Earthed lamp holders
Bend radius: 6.2-6.5MM
Weight per metre: 50 GR
Max load: 20 KG
Outer diameter: 6.3-6.5MM
Amp current rating: MAX: 8A, 300-500V


Vintage lighting cable black

Our Vintage lighting cable black is one of our many lighting accessories. Our aim is to create a perfect light set to fit any room in any home. We have a variety of accessories and colours to match any environment. The black vintage lighting cable is a fabric material with a shiny finish. Our cables come in any size that meets the requirements of your room. This is a modern twist of lighting cable that seems to be a hit for a variety of restaurants in East London. We also offer bulb holder which allow the vintage cable to overhang with a shade like shown in this picture.

Our ceiling roses also compliment the cables. Our ceiling roses allow numerous cables to hang through a number of holes which creates an incredible bunched up design.

The cable is a standard three core – live, neutral and earth. This Vintage cable is also suitable for European countries.