Vintage Tube XL


Dimension: 30 *280mm
Max Wattage: 40 W
Voltage: 220 – 240 V
Bulb Fitting: E27 screw cap
Average Life: 3,000 hours
Dimmable: Yes (Less energy consuming and extended bulb life)
Material: Glass, Brass, Filament
Base Material: Brass
Certification: CE certified
Package: 100% recyclable packaging

Decorative light bulb intended for use as secondary lighting

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 Vintage light bulb Tube XL – Long, Long, Long!

The Vintage light bulb Tube XL measures 30 cm long. It’s one of our most original filament bulb shapes. The Long vintage light bulb tue product has 1 straight filament. which looks great in any room. Also, the beautifully designed Incandescent Light Bulb is created with only care as you can see in this video.

The Vintage light bulb Tube XL bulb has an incredibly stern filament. in which elongates throughout the whole bulb. The light dimmer also creates a beautiful effect when used on this bulb. The long light bulb gives off an incredible warmth in any given environment.

looking for a light bulb that looks great both hanging from a threaded cable and standing in one of our lamp holders? Look no further! Many interior designers have chosen this product to design for a modern style.

Another great aspect of this product will match perfectly our desk lamp. all of our Edison bulbs have an amber glass and its brightness can be adjusted with a dimmer which will suit any atmosphere.