Vintage Skull Zig-Zag


Dimension: 60 *108mm
Max Wattage: 40 W
Voltage: 220 – 240 V
Bulb Fitting: E27 screw cap
Average Life: 3,000 hours
Dimmable: Yes (Less energy consuming and extended bulb life)
Material: Glass, Brass, Filament
Base Material: Brass
Certification: CE certified
Package: 100% recyclable packaging

Decorative light bulb intended for use as secondary lighting

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Vintage light bulb Skull

The vintage light bulb skull is one of cuemars original light bulb designs. We are happy to announce that we design and manufacture each light bulb ourselves.

This particular light bulb has an incredibly unique design; we only sell this light bulb in the shown size and format. The skull shapes seem to be a hit for shady bars across Shoreditch and Old Street, because of the calm warm vibe that the light bulb creates. The Vintage light bulb Skull has a beautiful zig-zag filament. The Vintage light bulbs is a generally easier format for the eyes which allows you to appreciate the filament.

The Skull light bulb comes in a medium size and looks great both with a shade and additionally an industrial lamp shade. Alternatively This particular light bulb best suits a room in numbers. Cuemars also offer a multi hole ceilng rose set and hooks enabling you too make bunched up look as shown in this image.

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