Vintage Globe Spiral Medium


Dimension: 80 *120mm
Max Wattage: 40 W
Voltage: 220 – 240 V
Bulb Fitting: E27 screw cap
Average Life: 3,000 hours
Dimmable: Yes (Less energy consuming and extended bulb life)
Material: Glass, Brass, Filament
Base Material: Brass
Certification: CE certified
Package: 100% recyclable packaging

Decorative light bulb intended for use as secondary lighting

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How to describe our Vintage Light Bulb Globe spiral 

This Vintage Light Bulb Globe spiral is not too small, not too big. It is also, in fact, the perfect size for home and commercial projects. If you are looking for an example of how this bulb looks inside of a store layout than have a look at this Parisian coffee shop Obladi. Obladi decorates their coffee shop with our vintage light bulb to give a welcoming ambiance. This allows a gentle and comfortable experience whilst dining.

The vintage light bulb globe spiral is one of our best sellers. Our vintage light bulb is often used to hang in rooms with a tall ceiling giving the bulb a pleasant overhanging affect by using one of our stunning fabric lighting cable. The fabric lighting cables best suit a room depending on its size, shape, and color. If you have any queries about whether or not a certain design would best suit a room, then do not hesitate to contact the experts at Cuemars.

This filament light bulb could be matched with our ceiling rose sets to create the perfect ceiling vintage lighting. All of our Edison light bulbs are also long-lasting, the medium spiral globe bulb lasts an average of 3,000 hours.

This filament light bulb also has E27 fitting which is the standard light bulb fittings.