LED Tube


TUBE LED (4 Filaments)
Dimension: 30*20mm
Max Wattage: 3 W
RA: 92
Lumen: 240
Color Temperature: 2200K
Glass Color: Amber
Voltage: 220 – 240 V
Bulb Fitting: E27 screw cap
Average Life: 30,000 hours
Dimmable: Yes
Material: Glass, Brass, LED Filaments
Base Material: Brass
Certification: CE certified
Package: 100% recyclable packaging

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Vintage LED Bulb Tube

Vintage LED Bulb Tube is a perfect light bulb to spice up the design of any given room. This is a very original light bulb design, which is why it has become a huge hit for a modernly styled restaurant. We also offer this bulb in a larger 30 cm size.

The Vintage LED Bulb Tube creates a very bright, cosy warmth in a room. The LED format also a much more sustainable option compared to standard bulbs. The vintage LED lasts a generous 30,000 hours, therefore is much more cost-effective. LED uses much less energy than a standard light bulb. Find out more here

The train track shaped filament creates a very vintage style in a room, although, The LED tends to be slightly uncomfortable on the eyes. Cuemars also offer dimmable light sets, enabling you to adapt the brightness to fit a purpose.

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