Bird – Arctic Tern


John James Audubon was an American ornithologist, artist and naturalist of the XIX century who drawn a book of 435 images “The birds of America”, portraits of every bird then known in the United States , painted and reproduced in the size of life. Contemporary bird artists still aspire to the quality of his exquisitely detailed, dramatic work.

Size: A3 (297 mm x 420mm / 11,7 x 16,5 inch.)
Material : printed on a 310 g matt paper

Packaged in a “do not bend” A3 envelope

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Vintage illustration arctic tern

Our vintage illustration arctic tern is one of our collectible John James Audubon paintings. James Aududon was renouned for a collection of incredible American water birds such as the flamingo print. The dark grey sky and the pale blue sky create a threatening atmosphere. The Vintage illustration is a great choice for decorative homeware art. This illustration also goes well with a lighter painted wall to allow the gentle colours to compliment each other.

The artic tern is a very interesting species of water bird with a medium size with a slender figure. Its body shape enables it to swoop down from the air quickly to catch its prey. This powerful water bird has also earnt its name through its breeding and migration within the arctic. The artic stern has a circumpolar breeding distribution covering the arctic, it breads in the Northern hemisphere, and migrates to the south. The stern also has a fantastic lifespan living up to an average of 25 years.

The artic stern is most commonly grey and white plumaged faced and also has a pair of the orange feat. This vintage illustration is a lovely gift for someone to brighten up a home.