Concrete Holder with Tricolor Melanocrater



Concrete holder air Tricola Melanorater

Our Concrete holder air Tricola Melanorater is quite a task to pronounce! This is one of our many air plants in the Cuemars collection, which comes with our stunning concrete holders. We design and manufacture the holders ourselves using concrete and a copper wire. The thin copper wire also enables you to shape your holder to your preference, here are a few examples.

The air plant is a very a very delicate work of nature. Its original name is Tillandsia which is a genus of over 650 species amongst the pineapple Spanish moss and of course the Tricola Melanorater. Tillandsia is an American Latin name, They originated in Southern and Central America. Their natural habitats are tropical forests and mountains.

Maintaining the air plant involves watering it at the root twice a week when it is young, it gets thicker as it grows, so we recommend watering the plant at least once a week. The air plant also requires minimal sunlight, they are very delicate and are prone to drying up. We advise you keep the air plant at least 5 ft away from a window.

The air plant is becoming a very trendy homeware accessory and people are constantly changing the game with there designs! Check some out here.