Airplant Caput Medusae



The plant was given this name because of its curly leaves which look like the snakes of the Greek mythological character Medusa. It will bloom a gorgeous purple flower on a red bract. With this air plant you can be sure to add a uniqueness to your room.

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Airplant Caput Medusae

Airplant Caput Medusae are commonly known as airplants, they are native from deserts, forests and mountain regions of central and South America.

No soil needed! They absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves from the air and the rain. Air plants grow very slowly so we advise you to mist your air plant 1-2 a week and they usually prefer indirect light. Do not overwater them otherwise it could rot. Air plant are easy to take care of, perfect for beginners!

Air plants generally need as little light exposure as possible. During warm seasonal spells, it is best to keep them away from windows due to powerful light exposure. As the airplants grow the leaves tend to be able to take more sunlight.

Please note that every plant is unique so the one you’ll receive may be slightly different from the one on the photo.