Airplant Ionantha Rubra


The IONANTHA the Rubra’s leaves are greener and softer. This plant reminds us the shape of a pineapple. The leaves are 3 to 5 cm long, dense and elongated. They will turn pink before blooming and then its flowers would be an intense purple. The adult size may vary but they usually reach between 10 – 11 cm high.

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Air plant Lonantha Rubra

Tillandsias are commonly known as air plants, they are native from deserts, forests and mountain regions of central and South America.
No soil needed! They absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves from the air and the rain. Air plants grow very slowly so we advise you to mist your air plant 2-3 a week and they usually prefer indirect light. Water and minimal sunlight is essential for the plant to survive. The air plant must have minimal light in order to survive. It must not be in direct sunlight, therefore, we advise that an air plant stays around five to 10 feet away from a window.

The air plant Rubra is one of our many Tillandsias species. For our air plant collection go here. The Rubra is a beautiful air plant that lives for around two to three years if maintained properly. The Rubra may is one of our smallest species which grows up too 8cm

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