Airplant Juncifolia


The Juncifolia base is usually brown and the leaves are long straight and soft. The JUNCIFOLIA’s leaves are greener than the JUNCEA. Furthemore, the leaves are more spreading and fan-like than the more erect leaves of The JUNCEA. It is a very attractive plant. they are approximately 20 – 30cm. They perfectly match in tall, narrow vase.

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Air plant juncifolia

Tillandsias are commonly known as air plants, they are native from central and South America. The air plant juncifolia is amongst over 650 species which include the pineapple and the Spanish moss. The Air plant’s natural conditions are in tropical rainforest terrain, high elevation mountains and rock dwelling. The air plant survives through feeding off of the hydrations and nutrients that the air provides.

The air plant juncifolia is one of our many Tillandsias species. For our air plant collection go here. The juncifolia is a beautiful air plant that lives for around two to three years if maintained properly.

The air plant is very easy to maintain. The most important part of looking after the air plant is water and light.

Water is essential for the plant to survive. You must water the air plant two to three times per week using a sprayer, this covers the plant in a mist of water. Light is also an important component. The air plant must have minimal light in order to survive. It must not be in direct sunlight, therefore, we advise that an air plant stays around five to 10 feet away from a window.

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