Airplant Butzii


The BUTZII has a unique look, the base of the plant is dark green with dark and light spots. The leaves are shiny and curly. The adult size is up to 30 cm. The Butzii Air Plant look great in a nice terrarium adorned with a mixture of other plants, rocks, or pieces of wood.

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Air plant Butzii

The air plant butzii is native from deserts, forests and mountain regions of central and South America.
No soil needed! They absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves from the air.

Air plants grow very slowly so we advise you to water the air plant 2-3 a week. You can water the air plant using a watering sprayer. This will spray a mist of water covering the whole air plant. The air plant needs minimal sunlight to thrive, therefore we suggest that you keep them 5ft away from a window. Do not overwater them otherwise it could rot. Air plant are easy to take care of, perfect for beginners!

The scientific name for an air plant is a Tillandsias. The air plant Butzii is amongst over 650 species which include the pineapple and the Spanish moss.

Please note that every plant is unique, the one you’ll receive may be slightly different from the one on the photo.

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