Japanese Bucket of Paint risograph print  we are out of office Cuemars

We Are Out of Office

Bucket of Paint - Japanese Print

Fingers Crossed


Fingers Crossed

Close up details of Jacqueline Colley Hope is Fearless screen printInspirational screen print by Jacqueline Colley Hope is Fearless

Jacqueline Colley




Cuemars houses a vast collection of prints that sees our Brick Lane store double as an art gallery. We adorn our walls with a carefully curated range of contemporary and vintage art. Whether you are an art lover looking to expand your collection or want to add character to your home or office, delve into the designs that will transform your space.


If you are seeking vintage wall art, we have a wide collection of botanical and bird illustrations, taken from books lost in time and reprinted in London. Reprising prints correlates with our sustainable ethos, taking timeless pieces and repurposing them for the modern home. Also featuring vintage palm and tropical prints, Japanese art, graphics by GoodBond and iridescent insects, all wall art is printed onto silk paper with the option of framing available.


Art collector? Browse screen prints by London based artists Jacqueline Colley and Tom Berry. Both artists create contemporary art and share a love of vibrant colours and motifs. Colley explores a narrative of empowerment within her typographic series alongside Berry, who makes prints depicting the distractions of modern day living. Explore our ample collection online here on our Art section or visit us in our London store at 91 Brick Lane, Shoreditch.