Another Studio

Houseplant Care Cards

  • 35 x Houseplant Cards offering advice for healthy and happy plants!
  • Learn the basics and identify your plants with easy graphics and tips
  • Guidance on watering, light conditions, repotting and common mistakes
  • A great gift package or handy box set to keep around the house

 AnotherStudio has created these handy, plant care box sets that offer essential tips in keeping your houseplants thriving. The set features guidance on watering, repotting, the best light conditions and how to avoid mistakes like root rot. Great as a gift to send to a fellow plant lover, or a helping hand in learning more about your indoor botanicals, this set is easy to use and includes all the most common houseplants.  

Dimensions: 130h x 98 x 27mm


Contents: Boxed card set featuring 32 common houseplants care guides with an additional 3 cards with essential advice.


Material: Paperboard