Playtron - Electronic Audio Device MIDI Controller

  • Create Electronic Music using everyday objects with the Playtron MIDI Controller
  • Connect your device to fruits, objects and even plants to make music!
  • Easy-to-use device that makes this an instrument for beginners up to expert
  • Includes revolutionary Playtron MIDI Controller, 18 x alligator clips and USB cable


How does it work?

The inventors, designers and musicians behind Playtronica use the simply notion of science to bring you a new way to create music. The Playtron is an Electronic Audio Device that uses conductivity to emit musical sound; conductive materials and objects have the ability to carry electricity and to create a circuit, thus resulting in an output energy i.e. sound, light, heat etc. 
The Playtron can be used as a MIDI Controller - MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface - which can be connected to musical software or using online synthesizers. You can create your own closed circuit by connecting the cables to 1. your objects / materials of choice alongside 2. human touch and then your 3. Playtron. 

With the opportunity to connect up to 16 objects, you can create your own interactive audio pairing this musical gadget with the likes of;

  • Metals
  • Liquids
  • Skin / Body
  • Fruits, Vegetables & Organic Matter
  • You can even make music with your plants!

The world is your orchestra when you can experiment with different objects and sounds to create electronic music. Electronic instrument suitable for beginners to experts, children to adults!


What is included:

  • Playtron MIDI Controller
  • USB cable plus 18x alligator clips for objects
  • Tutorials available via Playtronica YouTube: View Below