Alessi Espresso Maker 9090

  • Traditional Italian Coffee Maker
  • Designed by industrial designer Richard Sapper
  • Award winning espresso maker with over 2 million pieces sold worldwide 
  • First Alessi item to be exhibited at the MoMA in New York
  • Suitable for all stoves including induction



Espresso coffee makers are undoubtedly very close to Alessi, one of the top post modern kitchenware design companies based in Italy. 

Alessi hold an impressive award winning collection of moka pots designed by some of the most interesting talents in international design, such as the Alessi 9090, designed by the gifted Richard Sapper.

9090 was Alessi's very first coffee maker and kitchen product. This functional moka pot has an original rocket shape with an enlarged base that allows to maximise and distribute the heat, an anti-drop spout and an ergonomic level lock rather than a screw for an easy use.

The award winning 9090 is one of Alessi's best sellers with over 2 million pots sold worldwide and is permanently exhibited at the MoMA in New York. 



  • Medium: 3 cups
  • Large: 6 cups



  • Medium: 5 1/4 oz
  • Large: 10 1/2 oz



  • Medium: 4 1/2" D x 7" H
  • Large: 5" D x 8" H




18/10 Stainless Steel


How to clean a moka pot:

Rinse the pieces under warm water using your fingers to remove any coffee grounds. Dry each piece with a soft cloth before assembling it back.