Sage Smudge Stick

  • Natural Sage 
  • Used before meditation
  • Used in Feng Shui to cleanse a house


Native Americans have traditionally used different herbs like sage to clear away negative energies and attract positive ones.

Sage is believed to help soothe stress and improve your mood as well as help boost your energy levels. Cleansing your body, objects and space from negative energy can help welcome in newer, fresher and more positive energy. 

The smudge sticks are sold by the unit.


Each smudge stick measures approx. 10 cm


Light your smudge stick and wait for a few seconds before you blow the flames gently until they extinguished. You can now use the smoke to cleanse the space by lightly fanning the embers.

Important: We suggest that you use a heat resistant container to catch the ashes such as a ceramic bowl.