Palo Santo Wood Stick

  • Scent known to reduce stress, anxiety and enhance concentration
  • Use before meditation or to distress 
  • Rich aroma with notes of lemon, pine and mint


Palo Santo (Holy stick) is a wild tree native from countries like Mexico, Costa Rica or Peru.

Palo Santo has traditionally been used as folk medicine to treat ailments like stomach or head aches and has also been widely used in rituals of purification. 


Nowadays, Palo Santo is burnt to welcome creativity, love and positivity into your space and to reduce stress and anxiety. Its scent is also known for enhancing concentration.

The Palo Santo sticks are sold by the unit.


Each Palo Santo stick measures approx. 10 cm


Light your Palo Santo stick and wait for around 30 seconds before you blow the flames gently until they extinguished. You can now use the smoke to create a calm atmosphere by lightly fanning the embers.

Important: We suggest that you use a heat resistant container to catch the ashes such as a ceramic bowl.