Another Studio

Plant Animals - 11 different choices

  • Charming range of creatures designed to hang out on your houseplants
  • Handmade in London with intricate details, etched onto metal
  • Chose between a variety of animals, from Racoons to Chameleons 
  • Easy to apply, just find a plant and place them in their new home


Hang out with these fun little creatures, designed and handmade by Another Studio to make your houseplants their new home. Easy to use and etched in metal, simply fold their paws or tails around the stems of your indoor plants. Available in a range of animals, chose between having a sloth hanging from your Ivy or maybe a Koala can call you Ficus home!



Animals: Frog, Sloth, Snake, Meerkat, Chameleon, Monkey, Racoon, Koala, Parrot, Orangutan, Pangolin, Lemur, Baby lemur

 Materials: Paper x Brass

Packaging Dimensions: 15cm x 5cm