David Shrigley

Sh*ts and Sausages Snap Game - Illustrated Pack of Cards

  • 56 Illustrated Classic Card Game by David Shrigley
  • Produced by Third Drawer Down Studio
  • Each card has been designed with Shrigley's signature style
  • A collectors item for design and art lovers


David Shrigley illustrates this quirky and dark-humoured set of snap cards to reignite our favourite childhood game. Each card holds an artwork with Shrigley's signature style and is packaged in a funky box to keep as a collector's item or to send as an unexpected gift.



An easy game to grasp and a classic throughout the generations, it's all a matter of speed and attention! Take turns to play down cards and two matching cards are placed on top of one another, the first person to place their hand on the pile and say; 'Snap!' or 'Sausages!' wins the whole pile. The winner then adds this to their collection and the player with the most cards at the end - wins!



56 Illustrated Playing Cards in Box

Dimensions: 7.1 x 10.4 cm

Produced exclusively by Third Drawer Down Studio

Illustrations by David Shrigley