In keeping with our mindset of conscious living and the responsibility we hold as a retailer, we believe strongly in the importance of slow fashion and the benefits this practise holds. We have curated a range of ethically sourced clothing that only uses sustainable materials and has been expertly crafted to truly stand the test of time. In doing this, we do our part in being kinder to the planet and reducing the impact fast fashion has on landfill and excess waste.


This range pairs character with comfort, from the mini masterpieces held in Bonne Maison’s socks to the history hand printed into Furiki-Yo’s vintage kimonos. Stylish staples can be found in Klés’ leather purses and Le Chant Du Robot’s bags, all individually handmade to ensure truly unique pieces that are of the highest quality. All materials are either recycled or responsibly sourced, just like the wool from the alpaca’s of Peru, used to make SoCosy’s beanies and scarves.


You can explore the range here online, consciously curated with you in mind and helping you shop smarter when we are so oversaturated with trends and throw away fashion. We aim to promote investing in items that are going to last for years to come and seek to truly look after our possessions to ease the strain industries put on our planet. Become part of the slow fashion movement and practise a more mindful way of living.