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The right air plant for you

What the hell are they? The air plants scientific name is Tillandsia and has over 650 species. The Tillandsia belongs to the Bromeliaceous family making it a relative to the pineapple and Spanish moss. The natural origin for air plants is southern America, Southern united states and the west indies. The Air plant’s natural condition
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We are blessed as humans. If you are reading this article then you are in fact breathing and witnessing the world around you on this beautiful present day. We are continuously taking our planet for granted in this consumerism era of life. The excessive greed and need for materials and goods will eventually bring our

Backyard Market Madness

Backyard Market Madness Market Madness On the 2nd of November I was asked to work on one of our two stands at Backyard market. Backyard market is one of the many markets that belong to the famous Truman market in East London. I was slightly worried but also curious. I have only seen the likes
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East London Lighting trip

The East London Lighting Adventure. On the 14th of November Amir and I began our east London lighting adventure. We were heading north towards Broadway Market via Hackney Road. Our initial aim was to take some measurements for our new store along Westwood Street, which we are excited to announce will be opening very soon!
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Interview by The Style Lane

Interview by The Style Lane. East London is absolutely bursting with small creative companies and colourful pop-ups; you’re never far away from a clothes shop that has its own secret bar, or a florist that also offers customers coffee and cake. And whilst plenty of these shops are great for a one off visit, it’s often


  This December The Urban Jungle Bloggers want to celebrate the end of the year with a warm, inviting and cosy edition putting “Plants & Light” in focus. Perfect topic for us, we are passionate by both of them! December may be a cold month, happily, for us, it’s one of our favorite month of the

Terrarium WORKSHOP

TERRARIUMS workshops will be organized in our amazing store with London Terrariums. Lead by a terrarium expert, the workshops will include everything you need to make your own terrariums and look after it when you take it home! #workshop #terrarium #eastlondon #61Hackneyrd Tickets available here:

Fig Tree

Fig trees are one of the most popular foliage plants suitable for growing as ornamental house plants. They can be grown outside or indoors as a houseplant. It can grow up to 15 feet tall but its size can be controlled through pruning and by limiting pot size. A brightly lit spot is needed without

Araucaria Tree

Araucaria do best in medium light. They should not be placed too far from the window, however, or their needles will fall. Turn the plant regularly to encourage symmetrical growth. During the active growth period water plentifully, as often as necessary to keep the potting moisture thoroughly moist, but never allow the pot to stand

Carnivorous plants, be careful!

The carnivorous plant is the most exotic item you could find in our catalogue, but don’t be scared, it only eats insects. If you want your carnivorous plant growing strong and healthy for a long long time don’t forget to: – Keep the soil wet or at least damp all of the time. – Always