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Lovely blog post by Charlotte from Lotts and Lots Botanical vintage prints have been on my radar for a while now – each time I’ve visited London I’ve been drawn to places full of these beautiful illustrations. As I’m always on the look out for new inspiration and styling ideas, seeing these prints grouped together
gemstone natural bright at Cuemars


Cuemars’ team love to share with you our passions. today we are going to introduce you in a simple way (trying to don’t use too many technical words) the bright world of the gemstone. The gemstones are natural gems that are not in part of the four precious stone families (diamond, rubies, Saphir, Emeraude) Thus,
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What are Soy Candles? Soy candles, as the name let you understand; these candles are made with a soy base. The soy wax is got from the soy oil, which comes out the soybeans. How is it done? The soybeans are being pressed which release the oil. Then the oil is being filtered and hydrogen


Print made with vegetal ink. Passionate about nature, art, and illustration, we always want to share with our community, our passion. Through illustrations which are exhib in our shop. As Cuemars stand up for sustainability and eco-products. There was no avoiding this question: « What type of art techniques are used to protect the environment? » And
The terrarium – The vegetal composition under glass which will dress up your interior. Have you ever dream to have your own garden in your cosy flat located in the city? Thanks to this natural world, your dream can become true! WHAT IS THIS “VEGETAL OBJECT”? A terrarium is litteraly a garden under glass. How does
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Alpaca Wool sustainable fashion cuemars eco fashion fairwear

Alpaca is the new black!

What are the alpacas? The Alpacas are originating from west-central South-America. They are camelid species related to the Lamas. However, the alpacas are fluffier and smaller than the lamas. We can find two types of Alpaca species: Huacaya Alpaca and the Suri Alpaca. The alpacas are mostly known for their wool as they are producing
Kids Planet

Cuemars events – Kids planet     Cuemars have been itching to announce that we are hosting 4 incredible events in Broadway market (358-360 Westgate St, London E8 3RN) After moving to fount London with a very warm welcome, we have decided it is about time to properly introduce ourselves to the area! – We
LOCAL CURRENCY-CUEMARS - Colu East London Pounds
East London an area full of surprise, For nature, food lovers, shopaholics, and local lovers…   East London an industrial area which was previously known to be one of the poorer areas in London. Things have dramatically turned round it seems that it knows a great evolution! Currently, the East of London is famous to
Fashion industry

The dark fashion industry

      Fashion is a remarkable industry. Clothing and fashion represent eras of time, and as time quickly moves on, fashion moves with it. Everything a person encounters in their life influences their attitude and behaviour. There are influencers in every corner of society and now, with the power and advancement of marketing and

Becoming Environmentally Sustainable

Becoming Environmentally sustainable What is environmental sustainability? Environmental sustainability is getting on with our day to day lives by working with the planet rather than destroying it. Transforming our attitudes and the way we live our lives is now becoming a matter of emergency. As you are aware the world is slowly taking a turn